Our Vision


Our Vision

A new look on study abroad

Here at Come On Out, we pride ourselves on being a little different. We make it our core philosophy to put the students first, above all else, to ensure a quality, lasting program. We decided to tackle this in two ways:

1.  Provide a quality program with a renowned organization.

2.  Ensure that many of the costs are not deferred to the student.

We believe that in this ever-expanding global environment, providing a safe and exciting opportunity for young adults to go overseas is essential.  We understand that doing so is not a cheap ordeal, and we are all too familiar with one's finances being a deciding factor if they will be able to experience such an adventure.

We want to be able to offer an experience such as this, regardless of a student's financial status. We are here to make a difference, one experience at a time.

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"Going abroad early in my life really changed my outlook on the world. I hope you too can have this experience through our program."

Brian Neufuss, Founder

 Please feel free to contact us through our  inquire  tab.

Please feel free to contact us through our inquire tab.

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"Traveling the world is one of the best ways to learn more about it! We hope that you will begin your journey in Japan with us."

Matt Pawlik, Assistant Program Director

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"Studying abroad helped me better understand the world and myself. I believe that traveling to another country is something we should all experience."

Paige Goetz, Director of Communications


Our Partners

Our Partners

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