Saturday Teaching Opportunity Near Daimon/Hamamatsucho

Hello English Teachers!   I have a great opportunity for anyone looking to make extra money on Saturdays in Japan!  (You will need proof of work visa for this position)  The job is teaching English to 7-10 year old students.   I've been working with this group of kids' for the last few months and have had so much fun with them!  I'm sad to be leaving (temporarily) but I need someone to fill in for me while I am gone during the months of September, October and November.  In the future, I'd love to have you fill in throughout the year, probably 1-2 Saturdays a month, when available.  

The position pays roughly 3,000 JPY per hour and ranges from 5-8 hours each Saturday.   The textbooks, workbooks, flashcards and materials are provided but you will need to spend some time planning prior to each class.  (time frame will depend on your teaching experience I"m sure)  

If you are interested please email with the subject "Saturday Teaching Position".   I look forward to hearing from you!!!



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