What is a TEFL Certificate?

Come On Out - Japan has recently partnered with an internationally recognized and accredited TEFL provider, eEnglish. A TEFL certificate is often a standard requirement for English teaching jobs. Additionally, the courses provides valuable tips and educational training as well as helps prepare you for the English teaching classroom whether abroad or online. After completing the course, graduates are enrolled in a job club membership (that includes a global daily feed of over 6,000 jobs) to help you secure your dream English teaching opportunity. They also provide support during your certificate program to ensure you have a meaningful academic experience. Once you purchase a course, you have six months to complete it.

Discounted Course Information for Global English Camp Applicants

Premium Course: The cost of the Premium Course is originally $297 USD, and our code discounts the course to $178.20 USD. 

Professional Course: For those looking for additional training besides the TEFL certificate, you may be interested in the Professional Course, which is originally $497 USD and discounts to $298.20 USD. The Professional Course comes with two live online lessons with real ESL students and additional training tips for teaching business English and English online. 

Additional Buddy Pass Discount (up to 70% off!)

For a limited time, we are offering a free buddy pass system. Find a friend who also wants to take a TEFL course, and you can split our already discounted cost by adding an additional buddy pass for $1! 

Please note: eEnglish does not accept two separate payment forms, so splitting the fee with your buddy afterward is required. After splitting the discounted fee with a buddy, you each pay roughly $90 each for the Premium Course or $150 each for the Professional Course.

Our promo codes are only valid with the Professional and Premium courses and good through September 8th, 11:59 PM PST.

Instructions for Discount Purchasing

1. Click here to access eEnglish’s provided courses page. Click on either “Professional Course” or “Premium Course”. 

2. Enter the offer code depending on your course: 

Professional Course Code: cojapan40pro  

Premium Course Code: cojapan40prem

3. If you wish to purchase a buddy pass for an additional $1, you must also click on the buddy pass box.