Threefa Inc.

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Threefa Inc. ("Threefa") provides financial services including fundraising, fund structuring, and fund administration. Threefa is a young company (founded in 2017) and the members are composed of a group of females in the finance industry, mainly in the private equity industry. We aim to provide unique and attractive investment opportunities to investors. Our goal is not only to drive capital gains but also to create a positive loop to support companies with high aspiration to give back to the community and to make a better world.

Goal: We are looking into launching a new service to provide private equity investment opportunities to not only to institutional investors but also sophisticated retail investors. 

Duration: 4-12 weeks internship but we are flexible.

What Is Provided: Work-related transportation. We are a start-up and do not have any funding for plane tickets, etc., but we can fill out paperwork needed to help students get funding and/or credit from their university.

a) Sales & Marketing POSITION

He/she will be preparing presentation materials and attending client meetings (mostly well-known institutional investors in Japan). He/she will be able to experience the fundraising process of private equity funds. Depending on the season, he/she may be able to attend PE related conferences.


 - graduates and undergraduates are welcome to apply. We are happy to write an internship report for credit.

 - a high level of interests in private equity investments

 - business-level English and conversational-level Japanese

 - willingness to do tasks that may look tedious (we are a startup so even CEO has to do tedious works!)

 - positive attitude

 - self-starter

 - experience in working with excel

Additional desired skills:

 - basic knowledge in finance (for example, difference between equity and debt)

 - business-level Japanese

b) Engineering POSITION

He/she will have an opportunity to create a prototype for our new service site.


 - willingness to learn about the business

 - coding skills (No specific language is required. It is a test project, so we can follow his/her own programming preference.)

Additional desired skills:

 - business-level Japanese