Global English Camp

Program Overview

Global English Camp is a program dedicated to the importance of gaining an unparalleled life opportunity via cross-cultural education. Through an intensive weekly program focused not only on language but also relevant global issues, university students and recent graduates from around the world facilitate the improvement of expressing opinions in English and impact students' discovery of their individual life missions. During the five week program, interns gain more than a stimulating teaching experience; they also gain new perspectives, knowledge, and friendships from this unforgettable summer program.

Interns facilitate themed discussion sessions in a classroom setting with 1-6 Japanese students. The program also offers optional activities throughout the program both after classes and on the weekends. 

Although this is an unpaid internship, the sponsor provides certain expenses for each intern who participates.

Program Dates

Check back on January 1st, 2020, for specifics on program dates. The dates will be between mid-July to late-August.

Weekly Curriculum

 The first week of the program will consist of a retreat, training and orientation followed by 4-5 one-week classes to different groups of high school students.  There may be some changes to the 2019 curriculum, but below are some of the topics that may be discussed in the classroom. 

  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Life Mission

  • Regional Revitalisation, Social Media, Entrepreneurship

  • Presentation and discussion on intern chosen field of study and university

City Placement

Interns are placed in one or multiple major cities throughout Japan depending on high school student demand. Tokyo, Yokohama and Kyoto/Osaka/Nara are primary base locations. Others are added during the high school student registration process. Some interns travel to areas outside of Tokyo/Osaka or commute daily from their home base city. Interns spend at least the first week of the program in either Tokyo or Osaka for training. Global English Camp does not place interns in a rural areas for the entire length of the program unless demand permits and intern allows. Some interns may have the opportunity to travel to multiple locations. 

Interns do not know their city placement until 7-30 days before the program start date. We also do not guarantee location and/or travel preferences. All interns receive their arrival city prior to confirming a plane tickets (most likely Tokyo). Additionally, some interns experience changes in summer itinerary before and/or during the programs due to Japanese students’ summer vacations starting in mid to late July; many do not sign up for English Camp until summer vacation. Interns must be willing to be flexible and adapt and excel to changes in scheduling.

What is provided:

  • Round-Trip Airfare: with limitations and procedures. There is a 500 USD / home country currency equivalent airline ticket deposit at time of purchase. Deposit is returned within 45 days of completion of program. Come On Out pays the remainder of the ticket price up to our ticket cap. This cap will be confirmed by December 31.

  • Housing: Shared housing, shared dorm rooms, home stays, shared apartments, and hotels may be utilized (additional fee required for individual apartments). Available housing is generally smaller and different than what is available in most western countries. We do our best to provide safe and clean housing options; however, it may not suit all interns. Interns are given the opportunity to find and pay for their own housing upon request.

  • Transportation: Round trip local transportation to and from class (including airports when traveling to school venues). Although we cover expenses for luggage on airplane travel, we do not cover the cost of shipping luggage throughout Japan.

  • Food: Food reimbursement is provided for class days attended.

  • Activities: Activities provided by the program are optional. The field trips, program retreat, overnight trip, Japanese language classes, language exchanges, and other events are subsidized.  

  • Health Insurance: A premium health insurance package is provided. Depending on your personal situation, you may need additional coverage. See insurance summary below for additional information regarding health insurance.


Example Weekly Curriculum Schedule

Tentative to change.

This map shows locations that participated in the Global English Camp program.

Not just a teaching opportunity.jpg


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Program Requirements

  • English: Native level English ability.

  • Age: at least 18 years or older by the program start date.

  • Background Check: Interns are required to provide a clear criminal background prior to being approved to purchase plane ticket.

  • Character Reference: At least one character reference letter requested and reviewed during the onboarding process.

  • Valid Passport (through 2019): If not a U.S., U.K., or Canadian Citizen, a visa may be required. We can assist; however, we are not responsible for the outcome of any given visa, nor can we guarantee approval.

  • Transcript: Official copy of certified university transcript is requested during the onboarding process.

  • Health: Intern must be in good physical and mental health prior to departing for Japan. This program is intensive and can be stressful. Schedules can change, so we are looking for interns that can adapt and excel.

  • Contract: After final acceptance, students are required to submit a signed contract and complete all onboarding procedures through Come On Out.  

  • Airline Ticket Deposit: We require each accepted intern to pay a security deposit of $500/£350 (or USD currency equivalent where your university is located) at time of airline ticket purchase. This is paid directly to the travel agency using a debit or credit card. The airline ticket deposit is returned to each intern within 45 days of the program end date as long as the intern completes the program, has no damage or cleaning required to residence while in Japan, and completes our final program report.

Program Partners

The Global English Camp program is coordinated by 3 companies with a passion for education.


Program Coordinator

Come On Out - Japan brings together all aspects of the program so mentors may have the most optimal experience abroad. We cooperate with universities and students, searching for ideal candidates that will ensure the program’s success.


Program Sponsor

Toshin High School, a division of Nagase Brothers Inc., is the program sponsor and educational coordinator for the Japanese high school students. They are in charge of the English Camp curriculum and oversee day-to-day classroom operations.  


Program Coordinator

Come on UP handles housing and ground support. They provide interns with local support and coordinate Japanese language and classes, as well as manage other special events, weekend trips, and reimbursement finances.