Our Partners


Toshin High School - Global English Camp-Program Sponsor

Toshin High School is run by Nagase Brothers Inc., the leading education company in Japan and the global licensee for all Sesame Street English related products and services both in Japan and overseas. With 120,000 students in 1,000 branch schools, Toshin High School is the largest preparatory school network for university entrance examinations in Japan. Toshin High School is a pioneer in the field of motivation management and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions for education.

In order to support the unique needs of its students, Toshin High School uses the latest developments in educational technology to provide customized lectures for each student. In addition, the school has implemented a unique mentoring system designed to motivate students toward achieving their personal and professional goals, helping them to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.


Come on UP - Sharehouse - Global English Camp-Housing Coordinator and Ground Support

Come on UP is a venture company with its mission to create development opportunity and to encourage people to find their dream. We have two lines of business: one is to manage international “Share Houses”, and another is to support new business development. Come on UP is a pioneer in developing this “Share House” concept in Japan. Share Houses successfully became one of popular living choices of young people in Japan, and its life style is now featured in magazines and TV shows. We currently operate 32 houses conveniently located in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. This company provides an international, social, and young spirited environment that believes strongly to bring better life to people through the concept of “share” and “mesh”.