"I got a taste of what being a language teacher is like and learned to be a more effective English teacher and mentor.  I felt that, through our conversations, we shared our cultures equally and deeply, and this was a very rewarding experience. "

-Hana, Junior, Princeton

"It was amazing, I learned how to "teach", languages particularly, and I learned better how to work well in a group.  I got an inside feel for what it's like to teach your native tongue to non-native speakers and I got to enrich the lives of younger students who similarly enriched me.  It was very meaningful."

Jordan, Senior, Michigan

It was a wonderful experience for me. I learned the joys and challenges of teaching -- the former outweighed the latter for me -- and I also learned a lot about myself and Japan. I'm looking forward to being involved in education in the future, hopefully at least a little in Japan as well. Thanks for this opportunity!

-Paul, Graduate, Duke

I had the opportunity to learn more than I could have imagined about Japan and Japanese culture. I truly had what I would consider the greatest 6 weeks of my life during the course of this program. Everyone I had the opportunity to work with was incredible, and I also had some incredible experiences with people I met who were not a part of the program.

-Frederick, Sophomore, University of Pennsylvania  

I think I realized my life mission is to teach. Prior to this experience, I knew I liked education and teaching, but I think this was a really defining point in my life. It was such a defining point in my life that while I waited for my plane to leave from Tokyo back to Los Angeles, I began to write my personal statement for a Masters Program to get my teaching credential! Can't wait to see what is to come. Thank you for the opportunity! 

-Melina, Junior, UCLA


"Originally I thought this would just be an English teaching job, but the close interaction with students every week, all the staff and the curriculum itself made it completely different.  Every day was interactive and fun.  I may have been the teacher but on this trip I felt like I was the student simply because I learned so much from all those around me."

-Aimee, Senior at UCLA

"From the beginning this program has changed--even helped me create---my life mission."

-Mindy, Freshman at University of Pennsylvania




"The students I taught were very respectful, highly intelligent and determined.  As they spoke about their life missions on the last day of the camp, I was reminded of mine and was given great determination just by listening to their speeches."

-Sarah, Sophomore at Columbia

It was wonderful to have such wonderful students...most students seemed fairly motivated and interested.  It was also a good opportunity for me to think about, and observe, the effects of the Japanese school system on teenagers' mindsets, habits, abilities and challenges"

-Molly, Graduate Student at Harvard

"I learned a lot about teaching English and what it means to be a teacher and a facilitator for learning.  Most importantly, I learned that every person learns English differently and that language barriers don't necessarily bar one from creating a meaningful relationship with another person, as clearly seen in each week's closing ceremony"

-Cole, recent graduate from Yale

"My experience with the English Camp Program rewarded me with greater visions of the future...I feel much more positively about the world now that I know that each person wants to make a difference through their life missions. 

-Rosaley, Senior at University of Chicago